Best Tarot Cards Prediction for Love

The concept of a ‘best’ in Tarot is tricky as it always heavily depends on the context of the situation and the rest of the spread. That said assuming all things are equal what would the best tarot cards prediction for love look like?

When should you get out of your chair and skip around the room?

Does it vary for existing relationships or future ones?

First up I’ll say what I always say. Tarot websites with automatically generated spreads are going to tell you whatever you want to hear. It’s about as accurate as just flipping a coin.

If you want a free tarot spread from an actual person click here instead.

If you prefer generic ones then there’s also videos like this:

An example of a very positive Tarot spred for love would look something like this:

  • The Lovers (VI)
  • 2 of cups or 10 of cups indicates a bond, which could mean a deeper commitment or getting to the next stage of your relationship. It can sometimes indicate a family connection too, like marriage.
  • 4 of wands, which usually implies a joyful time and celebration. It could show your relationship will be entering a happy, harmonious phase or can also point to celebrations like marriage.
  • Empress/Emperor can sometimes represent mature bonding in a serious, long-term relationship that is moving from puppy love to a real selfless connection.
  • Knights and Queens can represent new lovers coming into your life.

Then there’s also the “General Relationship Spread”, which will give you an idea of where you and your partner stand with each other, what your needs are and where the two of you would like things to go in the future. Which is a nice spread for people who are really ready to work on a relationship and build a deeper bond with their partner through understanding and acceptance.

If your partner is being especially difficult to deal with you can try the “Dealing with Difficult People” spread which gets down to the root of the problem and helps you realise that all conflict isn’t necessarily bad, you can learn a lot from situations like this! But it will require you to dig deep too…

I also sometimes modify the “True Friend” spread to see if and when a client will meet someone with true relationship potential. To do this just substitute the word “friend” with “love” in the spread and you’ll be able to see if and when you’ll meet the next romantic partner and whether the relationship will stand the test of time!

If you’re interested in any of these relationship spreads and would like to learn how they work they’re all available here.

But at the moment my personal favorite tarot spread for love is the Soulmate Tarot Spread! It answers a whole lot of in depth questions all in a single spread. The answers are easy to interpret and it really sets you up to know whether a relationship is on track. It’s one of the best “potential relationship” tarot spreads I’ve come across. It also helps you see if the relationship you’re in at the moment is worth the effort or whether there is something better for you out there.

With ALL love tarot card spreads it’s REALLY important that you’re honest with yourself… Remember, the cards don’t lie and if you’re not open to what they’re telling you you won’t get an accurate reading. Though, more often than we should, sometimes we just want to be told what we want to hear and not what the Tarot actually wants to tell us. There’s a difference here.




Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.

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Mark Macsparrow

Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.

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