Full Moon Tarot Spreads: Moonlight Guidance

Mark Macsparrow
4 min readMay 12, 2021

In astrology, the moon represents our unconscious mind, our emotions, and our hidden self. The full moon can be a time of passion or intense personal reflection, a time to meditate on what we’ve manifested in our life since the new moon.

The full moon is the perfect time for releasing what is no longer serving us, gaining insight into what’s holding us back, honing our intuition, and divining matters of the heart. Much as the moon controls the tide, our intuition, energy, and emotional state can ebb and flow with the moon’s changing phases. The moon has long been recognized as a potent energetic force. The full moon is considered the apex of the moon’s power, which we can harness for our own spiritual work by incorporating full moon tarot spreads into our divination practice.

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Setting up for Full Moon Tarot Readings

The best time to do a full moon tarot reading is on the day of the full moon or a few days beforehand. If the weather allows, the full moon is the perfect time to do tarot outdoors. If it’s cold, raining, or otherwise uncomfortable, a table pulled up to a window with moonlight shining in can be a wonderful alternative. You may wish to cleanse your reading space with incense, bells, singing bowls, or sea salt. If you have moon water — water energetically charged in the light of the full moon overnight — you can sprinkle some around the area you intend to do your tarot reading in. Consider setting up objects that connect you to the moon or your divination intentions — rocks, crystals, shells or herbs. You can incorporate them into your tarot space. Objects commonly associated with the full moon include:

  1. Amethyst — Dispelling negative emotion or attachments and enhancing intuition
  2. Moonstone — Protection at night, enhancing intuition, inspiration
  3. Rose petals or rose oil — romance, passion, emotional peaks, healing heartache
  4. Cypress — purification, ancestral wisdom, emotional grounding
  5. Seashells — clearing negative energy, ancient wisdom, love (clamshells), protection (coral, pearl, clamshells), energy flow (spiral shells)

Sacred objects, water, and your tarot deck itself can be left out overnight after your tarot reading to charge energetically in the light of the full moon. Remember that setting up sacred space for a full moon tarot reading is an intuitive practice — ask for the wisdom of the moon and let your inner knowing guide you!

Three Card Full Moon Tarot Spread

Three card full moon spreads can grant powerful insight into major life events — this is a time to seek universal messages, deep emotional wisdom, or make inquiries of passion — leave the mundane questions for another reading on another day. Some three card tarot spreads to do under the full moon include:

  1. Illuminate: What about this situation needs to be brought to light?
  2. Surrender: What is no longer serving me?
  3. Wisdom: What do I need to know in order to move forward?
  4. What has manifested since the new moon
  5. What new paths are opening
  6. What resources will be available
  7. My heart’s true desire
  8. My current reality
  9. How to bridge the gap between the two

Dream Interpretation Full Moon Tarot Spread

Our increased intuitive capabilities during a full moon make this a natural time for dream interpretation. If you keep a dream journal, try recording all your dreams between the new moon and the full moon and then using full moon tarot spreads to interpret any dreams that call to you. If you’d like to use dreams as a divination tool to receive messages from the universe, you can try sleeping with the moon card under your pillow. Then, record any dreams you have that night and use this six-card full moon spread to interpret the meaning:

  1. What themes of this dream need to be recognized?
  2. What are the hidden messages in this dream?
  3. What factors from my waking life influenced this dream?
  4. How do I apply the lessons from the dream to my waking life?
  5. What results can I expect from any action that I take based on this reading?

Full Moon Illumination Tarot Spread

As tarot readers, we can use the power of the full moon to gain deeper insight into our true nature and our spiritual path. This full moon illumination spread is particularly effective during the first full moon of the year, the full moon of your birth month, or a blue moon (the second full moon in a month) but it can provide clarity during any full moon of the year. Arrange the cards in a counter-clockwise circle formation with the last card at the top:

  1. Where you are in life right now
  2. What is coming into your conscious awareness
  3. What is hidden from view
  4. What you should set your intentions toward
  5. What you should avoid
  6. Obstacles that lay in your path
  7. Blessings that lay in your path
  8. What wisdom the moon holds for your journey

Full moon tarot spreads can be a valuable asset in our divination practice, and whether we choose quick three card reads or a more comprehensive spread, we’re sure to gain valuable insight under the light of the full moon. Happy reading!



Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.