Insightful Does He Miss Me Tarot Spread

If you have just ended a relationship, or you are left wondering if your ex-partner is missing you, then perhaps you are needing the guidance of a ‘Does he miss me tarot spread’. People seek tarot card readings for a variety of reasons when it comes to matters of the heart, and wondering whether your ex-partner is missing you is one of the most popular ones. Below we have included a useful ‘does he miss me tarot spread’ that will provide you with the guidance and answers that you seek.

Does Your Ex Miss You?

If you are wondering whether your ex-partner is missing you, perhaps you are questioning if you will one day get back together, or if you simply need to move on. This four card tarot spread will reveal to you your ex-partner’s thoughts and feelings towards both you and your past relationship, and whether they miss you and if there is a chance of reconciliation.

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Their Thoughts About You

The first card that will be drawn relates to how your ex-partner perceives you. This card will not necessary symbolize the feelings that they either had or have for you, but rather how they see you and what thoughts they have about you. Perhaps this card will represent the side of your personality that you displayed most often to your ex-partner. Or the card will be an all-encompassing representation of how your ex-partner views you. If this card is considered more positive than negative, it may suggest that your ex-partner sees you in a positive light, which will result in a higher chance of them missing you. Alternatively, if the card displays a negative perception in the eyes of your ex, it may suggest that they are not missing you.

Their Feelings Towards You

Following on from the first card, the second card to be drawn will relate to the feelings that your ex-partner has concerning you. This card will usually compliment the previous one as people’s thoughts and feelings often align, therefore this card should confirm the person in question’s thoughts about you. If your e-partner still has romantic feelings towards you, this card will reveal that. Similarly, if your ex-partner has either moved on or now only has platonic feelings towards you, this card will confirm that as well. However, if there is an obstacle blocking your ex-partner’s feelings for you, perhaps a past experience or relationship, the card will inform you that maybe something standing in your way of reconciliation. Either way, these two cards together will give you your first indication whether your ex-partner is missing you or if they have moved on.

What Your Ex-Partner Thinks About Your Relationship

Now that you have understood both how your ex-partner views you and there feelings towards you, the penultimate card will inform you of how they viewed your relationship overall. This card will symbolize whether your ex-partner had an overall positive or negative experience whilst in a relationship with you, and if they look back on that relationship in fondness or regret. Of course, if the card reveals that your ex-partner had a great and enjoyable time whilst being in a relationship with you, then they are more likely to be missing you and perhaps might wish to get back together with you.

Alternatively, the card may reveal something that you did not know about your relationship. Perhaps your partner’s overall view of the relationship will be something you did not expect. On the other, the card may reveal an outside influence that was effecting your relationship at the time, that you were not aware of. Perhaps your partner had feelings for another individual or they were going through a dark time that you were not aware of.

What Does The Future Hold

The last card to be drawn may be the one that you have been most looking forward to receiving in this ‘does he miss me tarot spread’. At this point in the reading, you will have a strong inclination whether your ex-partner is missing you based on their thoughts and feelings about you and your past relationship. This card will bring the confirmation of that, as it will reveal to you whether your relationship with this specific individual has a future or not. If you are going to enter either a romantic or platonic relationship with your ex-partner in the future, this card will reveal that. Otherwise, it might be the case that your ex-partner has either moved on or did not enjoy your relationship as much as you thought they may have, and they might not miss you.



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Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.