Insightful Friendship Tarot Spread

Mark Macsparrow
4 min readJun 11, 2021


While many people seek advice from tarot cards for matters relating to romantic relationships, they will also provide you with plenty of advice on platonic ones as well. Whether you are seeking advice on how to improve your current friendships, how you can become a better friend, or if you will make new friends in the future, a friendship tarot spread will help you. With this in mind, we have included a thorough friendship tarot spread below which will provide you with all the answers you seek.

Friendship Tarot Spread

This friendship tarot spread will not only provide you with insight on your current friendships but also indicate whether you are going to make new ones in the not too distant future. You will also receive additional advice on improvements you can make to become a better friend, that will also attract more people to wanting to be your friend, as well as your greatest strengths as a friend.

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Current State Of The Friendship

The first card that will be drawn will symbolize the current state of the friendship that you are questioning or requesting advice on. A card with positive connotations here will represent your relationship being in a good place, while a negative card may mean that you are either having problems or more effort needs to be put into this friendship.

The Major Challenge Of This Friendship

All friendships suffer from issues from time-to-time. If you and your friend are currently going through difficulties in your friendship, this card may represent the problem that you are having. Whether that is a communication issue or the pair of you are simply growing apart, this card will help you discover the problem.

Your Biggest Weakness Of Being A Friend

The first of the two more personal cards that will be drawn is this card that will symbolize your greatest weakness as a friend. Self-development is very important, this card may help both your personal growth and perhaps improve your friendship if your weakness is related to the problem in your friendship.

Your Biggest Strength Of Being A Friend

Contrasting from the previous card, this one will represent your greatest strength as a friend. Every person involved in a friendship brings their own personal quality that makes the friendship work and what attracts someone to wanting to be your friend. This card will symbolize that quality and may help you understand why someone wants to be your friend in the first place.

What You Need To Avoid If You Wish To Gain More Friends

This following card may link with the third one as it will tell you what you need to stop doing in order to gain more friends. Perhaps you are a natural introvert that needs to gain more confidence, or an extrovert that does not let those around them express their point-of-view. Either way, if you are hoping to grow your friendship group, this may be the place to start.

What You Need To Do More Of To Maintain Healthy Friendships

If you would rather keep a small friendship group, and are simply looking for ways to improve the friendships you currently have, then this card will help you do that. This may symbolize either a personality trait, action or attitude you need to do more of or maybe one that you should adapt into your personality. Whether it is being more open with your friends, or continuing on a path to greater confidence.

Where You Can Find New Friends

Perhaps you are looking for new friends, or you need to replace current toxic ones in your life. This card will symbolize where you can find new friends that will match or compliment your personality. You may either get a location that relates to part of your life, for example, a work related friendship or a new friend that shares a hobby with yourself. Or, sometimes, this card may reveal a time period or event in your life that may spring new friendships upon you.

What Type Of Friend You Need In Your Life

The penultimate card that will be drawn will symbolize the type of friend you need in your life currently. Perhaps this will be a friend that will challenge you to do new things, or a more comforting friend that will calm you down and be there for you. The saying goes that you have a friend either for a reason, a season or forever, and this card may help you discover what you need from a friend right now.

What Will Bring You And Your Future Friend Together

The last card in this friendship tarot spread will represent what will bring you and your future friend together. You may find that this card compliments the seventh card, as together they will tell you where and potentially how you and your future friend will meet. Whether they are a colleague that you will grow closer to, someone that shares a hobby with you that you will meet in the future or perhaps you know a mutual individual that will bring you together.



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