Insightful New Moon Tarot Spread

Mark Macsparrow
4 min readJun 2, 2021


The new moon is a time for quiet reflection, but it is also a time of great power. Many people who pay attention to the flow of the seasons and the rhythms of nature will tell you that the new moon is the time to plant new seeds, both literally and metaphorically.

This is the time to put actual seeds in the ground for a garden and also the time to set intentions and plant the goals you want to work towards over the coming weeks. One of the most vital steps in growing something new is making sure you have cleared away anything that would block or hinder fresh growth. Cleanse negativity from yourself and your space by burning incense or washing your floors.

While you do these tasks, meditate on the changes you wish to manifest over the coming weeks. Once you have set your intentions, shuffle your deck and lay a new moon tarot spread to help you gain clarity and find the best path forward. Here are a couple of spread options that are perfect for the new moon and new intentions.

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Moon Phases Spread

One of the easiest and most straightforward tarot spreads to do on the new moon is just using four cards to represent the four lunar phases. This spread is great if you are still honing your card craft or if you want to set clear goals for the coming month. It also helps reinforce the energies we should focus on during the different phases of the moon; planting, growing, harvest, and clearing away. This can be laid out as either:

1 2

3 4


1 2 3 4

The card representations being:

  1. The Waning Moon: What am I moving away from and leaving behind? What no longer serves me?
  2. The New Moon: What is left now that space has been cleared? What am I starting with?
  3. The Waxing Moon: What am I welcoming in? What am I moving towards?
  4. The Full Moon: What is the result? Where will the process take me?

6 Card Spread

If you are searching for a more in-depth look at yourself and the things you are cultivating in your life, a larger spread of six cards will help you find clarity. Some people prefer to layout their six cards in a specific way that corresponds with the Zodiac sign currently in power. One spread for the new moon in Taurus, a different pattern for the new moon in Scorpio. However, the most basic six card spread that works for any time of the year looks like this:

1 2 3

4 5 6

With the card representations:

  1. What have I released since the last new moon? What things or habits have I left behind in order to better myself or my situation?
  2. My current situation. Now that I have released that which doesn’t serve me, what is left?
  3. What is emerging in me? What new changes do I see in myself? These can be positive or negative.
  4. What do I wish to nurture? Are these changes things you want to grow and encourage, or is there something else you should focus on?
  5. How can I bring my intentions into my reality? What steps should I take to achieve my goals?
  6. What tools and resources are available to help me attain my goals?

Dark Moon Spread

Another tarot spread that feels especially appropriate for the new moon is this five-card spread that is laid out in the shape of a moon. This spread not only helps identify what you are moving towards but also behaviors and influences that are hindering your progress and need to be released. Shuffle your deck and then lay out five cards in this pattern:


2 3

4 5

As you study your cards, consider these things:

  1. Current situation. Where am I at right now?
  2. What are my current obstacles? What things are blocking my growth and progress to where I need to be?
  3. What knowledge do I need to help me achieve my goals or intentions?
  4. What intentions should I set for this month? What do I need to focus on?
  5. What positive changes or energy will I see during this coming lunar cycle?



Mark Macsparrow

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