Insightful Past Life Tarot Spread

Discovering more about the past lives that you have had is a point of fascination for many people. Whether you are simply seeking guidance based on your previous life, or you just want to discover more about your past life, you may wish to consult a past life tarot spread.

Below we have included one that will provide you with all the answers that you are seeking.

Past Life Tarot Spread

This past life tarot spread will allow you to discover more about the person you were during that life-time as well as the events you were involved in and obstacles you overcame. How this previous life ended will also be revealed, and you will discover the lessons that you learned during that lifetime and how they may affect you today.

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Who You Were In Your Past Life

The first card to be drawn will symbolize the person who you were during your past life. This could represent either a role or job that you had during that life-time, or maybe it will symbolize you as a person. Perhaps this card may relate to a strong personality trait you had during your past life, or your general attitude to life at that time. This card may appear wide-ranging or vague, but combined with the following cards you will get a complete picture of your previous life.

What You Did During Your Past Life

As you have discovered who you were in your previous life, this card will inform you of what you did during that time. Similar to the previous card, this could represent either a role or job that you had during that time. Or, perhaps, this card will symbolize an important event that either you yourself completed, or you were a part of. This could range from something rather personal to an important moment in time or a historical event.

Obstacles You Overcame

The third card to be drawn will represent the obstacles that you overcame during your past life. You may find that this card may compliment or mirror a few of the other cards in this tarot spread, as they all work together to provide you with a complete picture of your past life. Usually, this card will symbolize one specific major event that you overcame during your previous life-span. This may be an event that was the biggest during your life, or the one that you learned the most from.

How Did Your Past Life End

Perhaps the most somber card to be drawn will be this one, as it will represent how your past life ended. This will either refer to the method of your death, or the circumstances surrounding it. Here you may discover that your past life ended in tragedy, or suspicious circumstances. Or maybe you will discover a specific illness or ailment that you suffered from. Sometimes, an issue that was present during your past life may appear in your current one. Here you may learn a lesson on how to deal with that illness that will help you today.

The Lessons You Learned During Your Past Life

The penultimate card to be drawn may be the most important of all in this past life tarot spread. As this card will symbolize the lessons that you have learned during your past life. This can either be a lesson that you are already aware of, but you did not know how you learned it and this card may simply provide you with a closure that you were already seeking. Or, this card may bring to light a lesson you had learned in a past life that you are yet to acknowledge in this one. Either way, this card may help you with issues you are currently having in your present life.

How Those Lessons Have Influenced You During This Lifetime

Now that you have discovered the lessons you have learned during your past life, this last card will symbolize how the lessons you learned during your past life have effected (or will) your current life. This card usually compliments the previous one, as both cards are usually needed in order for the reader to fully understand and be able to interpret the lessons you have learned. You may discover the reason behind some of your actions and feelings are as a result of an experience from your past life, or it could confirm something that you are already aware of.



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Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.