King Of Pentacles Future Love Tarot Meaning

Mark Macsparrow
3 min readJun 14, 2020

Reliable, dependable, the pentacles aren’t just a sprinkling of the arcane and Wiccan in your spread, the pentacles represent balance and stability. The pentacles are earth cards, many of them appearing together symbolize prosperity.

The King of Pentacles in a future love Tarot spread is a great sign. However I always feel like I have to warn people not to rely too heavily on a single card. The real meaning of a Tarot card is only revealed by the combination of cards. The entire spread is where the real guidance of the cards comes from. The context matters.

If it’s a single card you’re relying on, it’s easy to get a completely reverse meaning. After years of Tarot readings I personally hate single card readings.

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With that warning out of the way let’s look at the King of Pentacles by itself.

Typically, the King of Pentacles in this scenario is calling in a strong masculine energy. Someone who is confident and secure with themselves. Someone who is surrounding by abundance and stability.

A couple of things could be happening:

  1. Either this is in reference to the type of person you’re drawing into your life, meant to be with, desiring, etc.; or,
  2. You are being asked by Tarot to find stability and abundance within your own life so that you can draw in the person you’re seeking.

The king reigns under a golden sky, His throne rears a bulls head, symbolizing wealth and plenty. A golden pentacle rests in his lap and his right hand strongly grasps a scepter. His left hand secures the pentacle and he gazes off into the middle distance. He does this, not because he has been schooled in the art of Shakespearean theatre and Hollywood dramas, but because he is in a state of serene bliss. His feet peek out from under his robes, encased in armor and tickled by his grape motif robe.

He is strong, in charge, in control and not because of a surge of testosterone either. But because he is secure in his position. The king of pentacles is a terrific tarot to pop up in your spread. Are you fed up of muscled empty-headed idiots propositioning you at the gym or puffed up business types intimidating you into grabbing a drink? Well, the king of pentacles is successful and prosperous without being, to put it gently, a real idiot.

Romance is a precarious venture. It requires us to make ourselves vulnerable and promises us happiness in return. But love is elusive, teasing. Is it in our future and will it be a true love that will trump all and be victorious? If you believe in the tarot cards, then love may just be literally on the cards for you.



Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.