Powerful Health Tarot Reading

f you are currently suffering from a health crisis, or if you are unsure as to whether you are currently suffering from a physical or mental health problem, people often find comfort in a health tarot reading. Whether it is to provide comfort to the reader, or help them justify what they are feeling, often a tarot card reading can be the first step for someone to admit that they are having issues they need to seek help for. Below we have included an example of a thorough health tarot reading that could help someone find the answers that they are seeking.

Health Tarot Reading

This health tarot reading will give you a complete summary of both your general health and your mental health, and how you can improve both of them. You will also discover whether past illnesses or issues are playing a part in your current health status, as well as the future outlook on your health as a whole.

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Your Current Health Status

The first card that will be drawn during the reading will reflect your current health status. The chances are that if you are seeking a health tarot reading, you already at least suspect that you are currently suffering from some sort of health issue, so do not be alarmed if this card either confirms this or has some form of negative connotation. This card may provide you with a specific location, cause or physical representation that will symbolize the illness you are currently suffering with.

Past Illnesses That May Be Effecting Your Current Health

Now that you have had the first insight into what your current health issue is revolved around, this second card will inform you as to whether there is an illness or injury from your past that may be effecting your current health situation now. This could be a comfort to you, as you will have previous experience to draw upon, and you may finally be able to deal with a problem from the past that you have been avoiding until now.

Ways That You Can Improve Your Health

You have now got a complete picture of your current health status and what the problem may be. This third card will inform you of the first steps you need to take in order to get better. Whether that is first coming to terms with it yourself, or talking about it with someone else, this card should detail the beginning stages of your road to recovery.

How You Can Seek Help

Following on from the card indicating the start of your journey to getting better, this next card will show you how you can seek help. This could indicate a partner, family member or friend that may be able to provide you with a level of comfort, especially if it is an illness or issue that they themselves have struggled with. Usually this card will encourage you to seek professional help from a doctor, nurse or someone that specializes in the specific area of your illness or issue.

Changes You Can Help To Improve Your General Health

Whilst you are seeking help, and you are on your road to recovery, there will be changes you can make in your daily life that may alleviate elements of your illness or health issues. This could be anything from partaking in more exercise and talking to loved ones, to eating and living generally more healthily than you have been doing.

Your Current Mental Health Status

As well as your physical health, your mental health is just as important and may even be the major cause or part of the reason that you are having health issues in the first place. If you are currently suffering from poor mental health whilst you are ill with other issues, or whether a downward spiral in your mental health is your only health concern, taking the time to better your mental space will help your overall health status.

How You Can Improve Your Mental Health

Now that you have discovered your mental health status, this following card will inform you on the steps that you can take in order to improve your mental space. Whether that is spending more time on yourself rather than others, de-stressing, or making healthier changes to your life, you may see that your general health will improve as your mental health does. While the card could have personal connotations, it may also symbolize that you need to seek help from an external source. Maybe you should open up to your partner, family members or friends that you trust, or perhaps you need to seek help from a counselor or therapist.

The Future Outlook Of Your Health

The last card that will be drawn during your health tarot reading will represent the overall future outcome of your health. This may symbolize either the short-term or long-term future, and will usually provide hope to the reader that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that the health crisis that they are currently in will not last forever.



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