Powerful Tarot Spreads For Guidance

Usually when people seek a tarot card reading, they will be looking for tarot spreads for guidance. There are multiple times in life that you will feel lost and in need of guidance and clarity.

Asking the tarot cards for advice may provide you with the help that you seek. Below we have included a tarot spread for general guidance and one for clarity that may help you find the answers that you require.

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Tarot Spread For Guidance In Life

If you are looking for general guidance, and you do not know what you are asking for. Then out of the tarot spreads for guidance we have selected, this one will be what you are looking for.

First Card — Your Past

The first card that you draw, and have placed to the left, will represent your past, perhaps relating to a specific experience or relationship. You will know what past experience this card is relating to, and you will know whether you need to revisit or let go of it.

Second Card — Your Present

To the right of the first card, will be the card that relates to your present. This will symbolize where you are currently in life — perhaps relating to your personality, a life experience, career or relationship. This could show a change you need to make in your life.

Third Card — Your Future

The last card on this row is located to the right of your present card, and will represent your future. This will symbolize an incoming change in your life, or perhaps the birth of a fresh experience. As this is a tarot card spread for general guidance, this card could represent different things. Maybe an alternative career path, a new relationship or the blossoming of a current one, or a unique life experience you are yet to encounter.

Fourth Card — Your Inspiration

Placed above your first and second card will be the fourth card you have drawn, which will represent your inspiration. This will have a personal meaning to you and will symbolize a personality trait or outside influence that will act as the inspiration behind either the past, present or future experience that you must either deal with or prepare for.

Fifth Card — Actions You Need To Take

The last card you will draw, located to the right of the fourth card, will symbolize the actions you need to take. At this point you have understood the past, present and future experiences that you may have required additional guidance on as well as the influencing factors behind them. This last card will inform you of the actions you need to take towards the first three cards, therefore fulfilling the guidance you seek.

Tarot Spread For Clarity

Alternative, perhaps you are aware of the troubles you are seeking further guidance on but you do not know how to tackle the situations occurring in your life. Out of the two tarot spreads for guidance featured in this article, this one is designed to provide the clarity you are seeking.

First Card — Your Biggest Fear Or Distraction In Life

The left card of the two in the middle is the first card you will draw. This card will symbolize either your biggest fear in life that is holding you back, or the greatest distraction in your life that is taking your energy away from where it needs to be focused.

Second Card — Where You Need To Focus Your Attention

To the right of the first card will be the second card you have drawn, which will symbolize an element in your life that needs your attention. By redirecting your energy away from your greatest fear or distraction, you can refocus your attention on what this card is showing you.

Third Card — An Experience You Need To Let Go Off

The card furthest to the left will be the third card you have drawn and will represent a past experience that you need to let go of. You will understand what this card is showing you as the experience that is being symbolized through this card will be unsolved and draining your energy.

Fourth Card — A Useful Past Experience

Between the first and third cards will be the fourth card you have drawn, which will represent a useful past experience. Perhaps this moment from the past will help you with the guidance you seek in the present. Use this past experience to help guide you in the future.

Fifth Card — An Area For Development

To the right of the second card you have drawn will be the fifth card in this tarot spread for clarity, and it will represent an area for development. Perhaps there is a skill, relationship or career path you need to develop further which will provide you with the clarity you need in your life in the future.

Sixth Card — The Next Step For You

The card furthest to the right (and next to the fifth card) will symbolize the next step for you. Probably one of the most important cards from this spread if you are looking for your progress into the future, this card will show you your next important step.

Seventh Card — Your Inner-Strength

Placed below the first and second card will be the penultimate card you draw and will represent your inner-strength. This may identify a specific personality trait or attitude that you may or may not be aware that you contain, or perhaps one that you will develop in the future. Be sure to use your inner strength to guide yourself down the right life path.

Eighth Card — Outside Influence (Help Or Advisor)

The final card that you will draw will be placed above the first and second card and will represent an outside influence in your life. This external influence usually symbolizes an individual that is present, or will be introduced, in your life that will provide you with help and guidance that will aid you with the clarity that you seek.



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Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.