Tarot Cards And Christianity — Is it Allowed?

I’ve been giving Tarot readings for many years now and more than a few times I’ve had people misquote the Bible to me. There’s a popular belief that the Bible is against the Tarot but this ‘popular’ belief is usually between people who haven’t actually read it.

When you actually look at the bible verses that make mention of fortune tellers, it sort of lumps them in with a group of people that practice necromancy (speaking to the dead), burn their sons and daughters for offerings.

The TL;DR to everything else I’m about to say is that there’s nothing against the Tarot in Christianity and there’s also no reason for there to be a problem. I’ve given readings in a Church more than once and was invited to do so.

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You know back in those days fortune telling was a serious career choice. You had to know what you were doing and apparently you were more than a little creepy. I mean, by owning tarot cards do you feel like your one of those people who do things like burn your son or daughter as offerings, go into trances and call up the dead for a chat? It does mention interpreting omens in there doesn’t it? Back then that usually meant you were doing things like cutting open animals open and letting the entrails spill out and giving advice based on their orientation on the floor.

Personally the drift I catch from the bible when it comes to this is that these fortune tellers were people that had nothing to do with god. They spoke in absolutes and did very crazy things to tell their fortunes, they claimed they knew the ins and outs of the heavens and the earth and were not being sacrifice and blood letting. There were not good people, they sat at the sides of kings and queens advising them, likely manipulating them and encouraging them to do senseless and even brutal things. These rulers hung on every word they said and feared acting without their advice. These were people who lead people away from god.

Acts 8:9–13

Isaiah 47:13

Daniel 2:27–28

I may be wrong but it does not sound like the king in that last verse is asking the wise men and astrologers how the queen REALLY feels about him. Call me crazy but I don’t think the question is anything like “who secretly has a crush on me?”.

During the Medieval Era, the Tarot Cards were once part of the occult. That created some tension between the divinatory arts and Christianity. That resulted in persecution and misconception over many years as well. But over time, there have been bridges between the two fields. The tarot cards and christianity are often mingled together as a whole these days. That has encouraged many people to pick up the practice in good time. The tarot cards and Christianity debate has stirred some opinions as well. The Holy Bible offers a prophetic take when people read through Revelation. That is a clear cut example of prophecy being used in a biblical way as well.

Angel cards have become much more common over the years. Tarot Cards and Christianity have blended the usage of the cards as well. Some say that the bible rejects the use of cards to predict the future. Other scholars support the practice and want to see it continue over time. People are now waiting to learn more about the habit and what it can offer to people. The bible does forbid sorcery, but the debate centers around what will constitute the divinatory arts. The practice is held in high esteem by many people and reading feedback can be useful as well.

The cost of the reading might vary based on the practice. The psychic reader might offer a take and learn more detail about a person. People should not be afraid of the tarot cards and christianity debate. The practice has been honed and refined quited a bit over the years. That offers more insight and greater prestige as well. The tarot cards and christianity debate can be managed. The tarot cards are fun and people will enjoy it. Trust the pros and learn more detail as well.



Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.

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Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.