Tarot Cards: The Five Of Diamonds Meaning

What does the Five of Diamonds Tarot Card mean?

Is the Five of Diamonds a Negative or Positive Tarot Card?

Five Things The Five of Diamonds is Telling You To Watch Out For:

  1. Take an eyes-wide-open, wide-lensed view. Since money is such an emotional subject matter, it can be difficult for some people to accept the reality around it. If the Five of Diamonds comes up for you, it may be a reminder to keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and to continually check in with trusted colleagues. Make sure you are looking at your business endeavors or any evolving financial problems with a clear perspective, rather than buying into illusions based on fear or ambition.
  2. Be responsible. Bring consciousness to all your decisions, don’t just stumble randomly into things because now is not the time for that kind of chaos. Now is the time for solid intentions and staying the course to follow through with your goals.
  3. Remove ego whenever and wherever possible. Guard against selfish thinking. Focus on how you can contribute more than what you will gain, and you are sure to succeed.
  4. Don’t give up too soon. If you feel overwhelmed with challenges, especially in love and money, you can feel confident that your relationships are strong enough to see you through. Solutions are coming, repair is possible, and help is nearby.
  5. Be careful. The Five of Diamonds can indicate big shifts or big problems on the horizon, but they are not problems that will be unsolvable. Instead of being afraid or trying to prevent disaster, this card is suggesting to you that you bring awareness to your work and family life, that you stay open to the knowledge that these may be very important problems. These are problems that are worth working on and fixing, for everyone’s greater good. Stay true to the natural ups and downs in life, secure in the knowledge that things will get better.

The Five of Diamonds Meaning with Other Tarot Cards:



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Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.