Temperance Reversed As Feelings in the Tarot

Mark Macsparrow
3 min readJun 15, 2020


Trying to understand another persons feelings is a complicated task, even with the Tarot. There are so many nuances to it and a reversed card adds more complexity.

This card is an interesting result but before we look too much at the meaning of The Temperence reversed, I feel it’s important to make sure you understand. The Tarot is not supposed to be used as a single card. The meaning of a card matters greatly depending on the surronding cards and this is especially true for a reversed card.

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With this out of the way, assuming you know what you’re doing, let’s look at the meaning of the reversed Temperance card and what it can tell us about thier feelings.

The temperance tarot card is a depiction of a man pouring liquid from one vessel into another, without spilling any.

The temperance card, as its name suggests, represents balance, or in its reversed form, a lack thereof. The appearance of a reversed temperance card can show that you are feeling out of balance in your life or in your mind. Maybe your life circumstances or emotional conflicts have left you feeling stressed, tense or have dealt you with a sense of loss of purpose. It could be a sign that the current path you are following is not the right one for you because it has left you feeling down or anxious. Or, perhaps the fault was not in the stars but rather in us, to quote Shakespeare. It could be that you have been acting impatient and making rash decisions that are leading you further away from where you want to be.

Esoterically, the Temperance card is not so much about patience and balance, but more about consciously choosing to test your metal and to aspire to greatness. That angelic being, with one foot on land the other in water, represents a spiritually “woke” being (land is the Earth Life School (ELS), water is as always, Spirit) and in case decoding the image is hard, there’s that handy triangle right in the middle of the angel’s chest.

This glowing angelic being is aware of a choice. The figure’s eyes are closed and he/she looks “within” while still incarnate here in the ELS. The figure has come far (see the landward path behind) to learn/become aware of one’s spiritual purpose. The same spiritual purpose for all of us, actually., To Grow. To Evolve. To Become The Best Version of Who We Really Are.

The choice offered is counter-intuitive because it involves going BACK to where the figure has come frm, back to that same path behind the figure, back to being part of the world and all its materiality. Why would the figure do this? Why would the figure leave the apparent bliss of *knowing* to venture back into the World?

Tarot cards are an ancient art practised by spiritual medium who claim to be able to interpret the future and clarify the present by using the spiritual cards. The major tarot cards are the 7 sets of the major arkhane.

Tarot cards can be very tricky as they all interplay with one another and have different meanings when reversed. So what does the temperance card mean when it’s reversed, in regard to feelings.



Mark Macsparrow

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