The Moon And Star Tarot Combination

Regarding love, the Star indicates emotional stability and true love in your existing romance. If you’re single, it indicates that a new love will come into your life to stay.

Symbolic meanings: Hope, Trust, Inspiration, Motivation, Renewal, Spirituality

Moon and Star Tarot Combination

The Moon and Star Combination can have very distinct meanings and readings depending on the circumstance under which it shows up, but it generally has a common theme throughout most readings: Uncertainty into serenity.

The Moon mainly indicates a current situation of future uncertainty, created by some sort of unknown factor, a lie, or an illusion. Whether such a factor comes from you, such as a secret romance, or from others, such as a family member lying to you, this factor will likely be illuminated under the light of the Star.

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The Star aspect of the Moon and Star combination will come into effect, and the reveal of the hidden factor will usher in a positive, optimistic, renewing moment for you.

Perhaps you will discover that you or your partner is pregnant and you will enter a blissful, faithful state from the news. Or maybe unexpected news in your work will bring about increased motivation and creativity for your career.

The Moon’s intuition may mean that you are forced to come face-to-face with buried fears and traumas of the past, while the Star indicates a new, better version of yourself as you are able to overcome your trauma.

The Star and Moon Tarot combination can also indicate that a lost passion you had will resurface and give you renewed purpose in life.

The Moon’s intuition and the Star’s faith and hope can also be a powerful combination that leads to incredible optimism based on your intuition and instincts, which will naturally lead you to the place your heart knows you need to be in.

On the more negative side, the Star and Moon Tarot combination can lead you to illusion or lies regarding your faith and hope, sometimes created by overconfidence.

It may be a signal that your intuition is wrong and lying to you. It could represent anxiety or uncertainty over your personal spirituality. It can, on the bleakest of scenarios, also indicate that the hope you are feeling is an illusion, possibly created by another person seeking to deceive you.

It can also mean that a new path or a new version of yourself that you’ve recently discovered is an illusion and is the wrong path to follow.



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Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.