The Tower Yes Or No [True Meaning]

There’s many interesting cards for a yes or no question in the Tarot. The meaning of the Tarot yes or no is… complicated. Perhaps moreso than most.

Generally when I see one card readings that’s not the answer people want to hear but if you’re just going to keep pulling cards until you get that answer then you might as well flip a coin and save yourself the bother.

The Tower is the card of fast moving change making it highly situational but I’ll try and explain the card in this situation as best I can.

In all my (many) years with the Tarot I’ve never been a complete fan of using a single card to answer a yes or no question. I think it restricts the cards too much and forces them into a meaning they’re not always trying to give.

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The Tower Yes Or No

The tower is all about change in your life. It represents tearing down the old to make way for the new. The tower is not a card that represents a managed change, such as choosing to move to a new job; rather it represents change that is forced upon you in some way by external circumstances, and sometimes this can be quite sudden and without warning.

This can cause a great deal of trauma in your life and those around you and may not be pleasant to deal with, but it is something that cannot be avoided, the outcome will depend on how you deal with it yourself. If this all sounds like doom and gloom, it isn’t meant to — it is just meant to convey the fact that a change is needed in your life (in whatever area; love relationships, work, family life, career, etc.) and as you have not taken steps already to remove it or effect that change, then fate is giving a helping hand.

Ultimately, the benefits outweigh the negative effects, although you may find it stressful getting there. Once you are a few months down the line you after the changes you will be able to appreciate that they were necessary and in fact may even wish you had implemented the change sooner.

Reversed The Tower

If the tower is reversed in your reading, then this generally indicates you are avoiding what you know needs doing. This might mean changing jobs, leaving a relationship, moving house, etc.

Not everyone likes this card as not everyone likes change, but the tower yes or no question can be particularly revealing.

It’s Not Always Clear-Cut

As the tower represents change in the way you see or live your life, it can also be used just to simply answer yes and no questions. Some tarot masters feel that every time the tower turns up in a reading when asking a yes or no question, then the answer to that question is always no. However, there are other schools of thought on this too.

Depending on the question asked, the tower always gives opportunities in how you deal with issues. For example, if the tower appears in your reading to a yes or no question regarding “Am I fulfilling my life destiny?” Clearly, the tower would not mean catastrophe, (although it might if you are seriously on the wrong path!), rather it might indicate yes (if upright) but you may need to make some changes or changes may be interjected into your life to ensure you can continue to dedicate yourself to your purpose.

If the tower is reversed in answer to this question, then the answer would be a definite no. It will not give you an indication of your life purpose or how to get back to it, so you would need to undertake a more detailed reading for that assistance. It does not mean that fire and brimstone will rain down on you until you do get back on the path!

Take heart, ultimately the tower is a card that helps, even though the short term may not be exactly what you wished for.




Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.

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Mark Macsparrow

Mark Macsparrow

Mark has been working with the Tarot and his own spiritual development for around two decades. He shares his opinion on spiritual matters with a NO BS approach.

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